InterMED Project Participant

7 February 2020    By Babett Csokán

The InterMED project aims to promote intercultural management and relationships in the workplace. There have been two pilot training programmes for this project across the partnership. In this testimonial, one of the InterMED participants provides feedback for the training programme and the project. In addition,…

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20 December 2019    By Babett Csokán

Happiness@work aims to increase satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. It has been found that happy people are more successful, develop a strong sense of purpose and form authentic, cooperative connections with others. This project incorporates Martin Seligman's groundbreaking research into Positive Psychology and wellbeing.…

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Global FemART

30 April 2019    By Carolyn Usher

  Global FemART aims to develop specific support for the entrepreneurial development of female artists and creatives. With Artist Circles™ and an online learning platform, Global FemART will enable female artists and creatives to develop their knowledge of running a creative business, as well as…

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Skills 4 Succession

7 December 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The goal of our project Skills4Succession is to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in setting up succession plans for leaving the control of the business from one generation onto the next. In Europe only 10% of all entrepreneurs have succession plans in place. Studies point…

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4 December 2017    By Babett Csokán

‘DIGIT’ - ‘Boost Competences for a responsible use of online identity’ is a European project funded under Erasmus+ KA2 ‘Strategic partnerships’ and coordinated by Polish company INnCREASE. With partners stemming from seven different countries (Belgium, Spain, UK, Poland, Greece, Italy and Slovenia), the project will last…

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23 November 2017    By Babett Csokán

The aim of the Intercultural Mediation for Managers project is to develop a training programme for helping managers mediate in an intercultural context. The project aims at helping both migrants and the managers employing them to deal with cultural differences occurring at the workplace. To…

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17 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The project partnership set out to develop a culture of learning in the partner organizations to obtain a rise in skills levels, better employability, social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development which in the end will inevitably mean sustainable development of the European society. With…

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Female Engineers Pushing Innovation

17 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

FEPIC relies upon two main keywords: creativity and leadership. These aspects focus on the person's professional potential to provide new directions and changes from the bottom upwards. Creative thinking is crucial for innovation, which in turn results in increased competitiveness. Varying positive role models can…

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16 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The WINGS mission lies in making good female entrepreneurship initiatives accessible EU wide, while bridging the gap with local and/or national WE initiatives. The project will stimulate female entrepreneurs, that converge in common goals in connecting, while offering them innovative learning and training tools. The…

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Be a Mentor in the Workplace

15 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

Be a Mentor in the Workplace is a project which promotes the development of mentoring skills. The project tackles this from the perspective of work based lifelong learning, of both mentors and mentees, envisaging a strong impact in the enterprises and SMEs, regarding the productivity…

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