InterMED Project Participant

7 February 2020    By Babett Csokán

The InterMED project aims to promote intercultural management and relationships in the workplace. There have been two pilot training programmes for this project across the partnership. In this testimonial, one of the InterMED participants provides feedback for the training programme and the project. In addition,…

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SMS Project Participant

24 January 2020    By Babett Csokán

The SMS project aims to support migrant women on their path to social inclusion. The project partners developed an innovative learning methodology where learners engaged in Social Media training modules, followed by Mentoring Circles™️ sessions. The SMS Project is co-funded by the European Union and…

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FENCE – Fighting gENder bias and Contributing in gender Equity

20 December 2019    By Babett Csokán

The FENCE project aims to reduce the negative impact of gendered stereotypes. Stereotyping limits the development of natural talent amongst both men and women as they are forced to comply with gendered expectations. It is expected that through the targeted actions of the project, there…

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Women Making Waves

20 December 2019    By Babett Csokán

Women Making Waves aims to strengthen the leadership skills and build the self-confidence of women who face a double disadvantage. The project also aims to raise awareness of the gender gap in leadership positions. Many double disadvantaged women lack confidence and are often underemployed. A number…

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3 May 2019    By Babett Csokán

EDGE (Enhancing Disabled People’s Greatness and Employability) is a new Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union. This 3-year project started in September 2018 and it supports young people who have intellectual and relational disabilities (ID). Unemployment rates within this group are more than twice…

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10 April 2019    By Carolyn Usher

ELYME - Entrepreneurial Labs for Young Migrants Across Europe Research has found that migrant entrepreneurship has become one of the driving forces of the growth of national economies, with a direct impact on employment creation and innovation (OECD, 2010, Desiderio, 2014). In that scenario, immigrant…

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FemTalks Forum

4 April 2019    By Carolyn Usher

The FemTalks Forum project is designed to help female migrants to integrate into their host community through the development of a blended learning programme that incorporates a variety of training methodologies. The main aims of the project are to support migrant women by increasing their…

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3 January 2018    By Eric Wijmenga

The objective of the Kaleidoscope project is to facilitate entrepreneurship among migrant women living in the EU.  Currently migrants and especially migrant women are much more likely to be unemployed or under-employed compared with EU citizens. The training model the Kaleidoscope project provides concentrates on…

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Advancing Migrant Women

15 December 2017    By Babett Csokán

The Advancing Migrant Women project aims to develop high quality training material and support for migrant women. Through a holistic programme based on training and mentoring, they will increase their employability and entrepreneurship skills, build their self-efficacy and hereby feel empowered to break through the…

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Weight Matters

14 December 2017    By Eric Wijmenga

Across the UK an average of 1 in 4 adults are obese and more are overweight. Being obese or overweight is associated with a number of health problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.  It is estimated that obesity is the fourth largest risk factor contributing to deaths in…

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