SMS Project Participant

24 January 2020    By Babett Csokán

The SMS project aims to support migrant women on their path to social inclusion. The project partners developed an innovative learning methodology where learners engaged in Social Media training modules, followed by Mentoring Circles™️ sessions. The SMS Project is co-funded by the European Union and…

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20 December 2019    By Babett Csokán

ParENTrepreneurs aims to develop an innovative model of promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education based on the key concept that education, and in this case entrepreneurship education, happens everywhere, particularly in those environments where first education is provided (family). Over the course of the project,…

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Global FemART

30 April 2019    By Carolyn Usher

  Global FemART aims to develop specific support for the entrepreneurial development of female artists and creatives. With Artist Circles™ and an online learning platform, Global FemART will enable female artists and creatives to develop their knowledge of running a creative business, as well as…

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10 April 2019    By Carolyn Usher

ELYME - Entrepreneurial Labs for Young Migrants Across Europe Research has found that migrant entrepreneurship has become one of the driving forces of the growth of national economies, with a direct impact on employment creation and innovation (OECD, 2010, Desiderio, 2014). In that scenario, immigrant…

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15 May 2018    By Carolyn Usher

The EntreCom4All project is an innovative online platform that will support the development of young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship teachers. The aim of the platform is to help users to self-assess their entrepreneurial competencies (based on the EntreComp Framework), to identify those they need…

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Becky Lyne – FREE circle participant

4 January 2018    By Babett Csokán

Becky Lyne, is an ex-professional international athlete, she is now settled in Sheffield where she has started her own business: 'TrYumph Health' which encourages healthy living and exercise for everyone!  Here is her experience of being a Circle participant in the FREE project - a…

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3 January 2018    By Emma Humphrey

The objective of the Kaleidoscope project is to facilitate entrepreneurship among migrant women living in the EU.  Currently migrants and especially migrant women are much more likely to be unemployed or under-employed compared with EU citizens. The training model the Kaleidoscope project provides concentrates on…

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Skills 4 Succession

7 December 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The goal of our project Skills4Succession is to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in setting up succession plans for leaving the control of the business from one generation onto the next. In Europe only 10% of all entrepreneurs have succession plans in place. Studies point…

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Women in Power

4 December 2017    By Inova Admin Team

Women in Power is a European project that aims to promote professional leadership and the empowerment of women. Funded by the European Commission and with partners in Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Malta and the UK; this project aims to support gender-balanced corporate boardrooms by giving women…

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17 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

In the new globalized economy there is a need for innovative thinking in all sectors of society. This project aims to produce new ideas addressing vocational training programmes. Most vocational training programmes have been unexploited as entrepreneurial arenas and this is most true in the…

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