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Inova Consultancy United Kingdom

Our United Kingdom team are:

Marina Larios

Marina is Inova’s director and set up the company in 2001, to support her passion for promoting equal opportunities and particularly for supporting women in business and non-traditional fields. Marina is an experienced entrepreneur and business coach and also practices Clinical Hypnosis.

Eric Wijmenga

Eric is co-director of Inova Consultancy, Finance Manager and a Senior Researcher. He is also the founder and director of our subsidiary Inova Education, an educational marketing and recruitment agency working across Latin America, established in 1996.

Carolyn Usher

Carolyn joined Inova in 2011 and is a Project Manager, trainer (specialising in Social Media) and coach. She is passionate about development and supporting people to achieve their dreams.

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Val Boulding

Val joined Inova in 2017 as Project Manager and has extensive experience in Community Development and Training. Val thrives on supporting others to meet their full potential.

Babett Csokán

Babett is an International Project Officer at Inova working on projects related to employability and entrepreneurship. Her academic and professional background is in human rights, a topic she is passionate about.

Roxana Rojas

Roxana is a Project and Marketing Officer. She  joined Inova in 2018 after finishing her Master studies at the University of Sheffield. Her professional experience has been in the educational sector working for a leading University in Mexico and then at a the Interactive Museum of Economics as Communications Coordinator. She enjoys learning and discovering new things everyday. If she could, she would do a second or even a third Masters.

Rebecca Emerson

Rebecca joined the Inova Team in October 2017 and is now a International Senior Administrator, working on projects supporting migrant women, female entrepreneurs and young people.  Sheffield has been her home for the last 7 years.  Her greatest passion is supporting those with learning disabilities and autistic people.

Emma Humphrey

Emma is an International Project Assistant. With a passion for the written word, she decided to
study English Literature at the University of Sheffield. After graduating, she joined the Inova team,
assisting with projects related to the creative industry, digital media and employability skills.

Polly Okeden

Polly joined Inova as a Graduate International Project Assistant in 2018 after studying Events Management in Leeds. She has previously worked for not-for-profit medical associations coordinating international conferences and now works on projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, employability and intercultural cohesion.

Nicole Williams

Inova Team

Nicole joined as an International Project Assistant in February 2019. Having a passion for social justice and human rights, she decided to study a Masters in Applied Human Rights at Sheffield Hallam University. During her studies she worked on the Migration Matters Festival as a Marketing Assistant.

Dominika Tkacova

Dominika joined Inova after graduating in Psychology, she is a Graduate International Project Assistant. Her main interest lies in supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds and working on projects which promote equality. She has experience in cultural awareness from mentoring international students at university, where she helped individuals settle in and integrate.

Inova Education Mexico and Latin America

Our Latin America team are:

Geert van Witteloostuijn

Geert (we call him Jack) is the General Manager of Inova Education, based in Mexico City. Working with people and building bridges is what he likes best. Inova Education allows him to help students from Latin-America to achieve their goal of studying in the UK. He’s fond of music, travelling, watching movies and any kind of sports.

Deborah Cedeño

Deborah is a Senior Study Advisor at Inova Education, with over 6 years of experience in UK Higher Education. Certified by the British Council she is an authorised student counsellor for the United Kingdom. Having studied abroad herself, she enjoys travelling, meeting new people, cultures and learning from different ways of thinking.

Santiago Mehle

Santiago joined Inova Education in 2019 and is responsible for the admissions process. He enjoys helping students achieving their dreams of studying overseas. Santiago loves travelling, learning about new places and cultures and is a big fan of coffee and martial arts.

Liliana Ruiz

Liliana is our Junior International Study Advisor and Marketing Assistant, working for Inova Education. Besides helping Latin American students reach their educational goals, one of her main duties is being “the office DJ”. She likes to take photographs, go to concerts and drink coffee.

Maru Serratos

Maru has been working for Inova Education for the last five years and is our High School Counselor. She taught History of Art and Grammar in Senior High School and worked as an English language coordinator. She is also the official translator for the Mexican Society of Egyptology, where she’s been a lecturer for six years. She is passionate about working with young people, culture and languages.

Andrew Fleming

Andrew is the International Recruitment Manager for the University of Sheffield. Previously he worked as an International Summer School administrator and International Student Ambassador for his alma mater, Northumbria University. He is passionate about international education and promoting and supporting student mobility.

Elizabeth Coloma

Elizabeth (Licy) works as a coordinator for Inova Education and is based in La Paz, Bolivia, where she works with students from across South America. Licy worked for most of her professional career at the British Embassy in Bolivia as a Chancery and Programme Officer and is very keen to help students pursue their studies in the UK. She is also an expert on the UK government’s Chevening programme.

Veronica Lugo

Veronica has worked with Inova Education for quite some years now and she covers High School university fairs and exhibitions around Mexico. A decade of residency in Spain marked her professional experience, which currently translates into skills in understanding and adaptation to diverse cultures. She has specialized in topics such as public opinion, educational programs and
behavior analysis of intercultural consumer societies.

Cynthia Rodriguez

Cynthia joined Inova Education in 2018 as an International Study Advisor, based in Asunción, Paraguay. She enjoys sharing her personal experience living and studying in the UK, and help other students benefit from the same opportunities. Her academic and professional background is in urban planning and international development, which reinforced her interest in diversity, cultural exchange and equality.

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