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Inova Consultancy United Kingdom

Our United Kingdom team are:

Marina Larios


Marina is Inova’s director and set up the company in 2001, to support her passion for promoting equal opportunities and particularly for supporting women in business and non-traditional fields. Marina is an experienced entrepreneur and business coach. She has an MSc in Organisation Development and Consultancy, an MA in Communication Studies and she is an NLP practitioner. Marina is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has a PGDIPL in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Eric Wijmenga

Co-director – Finance Manager – Senior Researcher

Eric is co-director of Inova Consultancy, Finance Manager and a Senior Researcher. He is also the founder and director of our subsidiary Inova Education, an educational marketing and recruitment agency, established in 1996 and based in Mexico City. Inova Education works across Latin America in partnership with UK Higher Education Institutions.

Carolyn Usher

International Project Manager & Trainer/Coach

Carolyn joined Inova in 2011 and is a Project Manager, trainer and coach. She is passionate about development and supporting people to achieve their dreams. Carolyn has a PGCert in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University, BA in Communication and Cultural Studies and a MA in Cultural Policy and Management.

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Babett Csokán

International Project Manager

Babett is an International Project Manager at Inova working on projects related to employability and entrepreneurship. Her academic and professional background is in human rights, a topic she is passionate about.

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Michele Lockwood-Edwards

Researcher & Trainer/Coach

Michele is a teacher, educator, coach and writer. She has been involved in learning and development for over 30 years. She has an MSc in Coaching and Mentoring and MSc in Organisation Development and Consultancy from Sheffield Hallam University. She comes from an entrepreneurial family. Her Dad was a market trader who went to Germany to sell his goods in the 1970s with knowledge of only a few words of German. She wrote a book about him and his trading family. When Michele’s not at work she enjoys practising calligraphy and she has a secret interest in comedy. She has a number of wigs and a dressing up box!

Val Boulding


Val is a teacher, educator, manager, coach, mentor and consultant with over 20 years experience in adult education. She has a degree in Sustainable Communities and Teaching, from Sheffield Hallam University. Val has worked with a wide range of organisations in the public sector, private sector and voluntary community sector and always aims to support others to meet their full potential and life goals. In addition, over a 10 year period and using her entrepreneurial skills she has worked self employed on a range of projects from retail to education and consultancy. She has worked for the Sheffield Hallam University and the WEA (Workers Education Association) and is passionate about lifelong learning for everyone.

Rachel Taylor

International Project Officer

Rachel joined Inova in August 2021, whilst finishing studying for a Masters in Political Theory. She is passionate about inclusion and promoting equality and is particularly interested in promoting gender equality. Rachel has previous experience volunteering in the charity sector and coordinating projects aimed at educating and empowering young women.

Inova Education Mexico and Latin America

Our Latin America team are:

Geert van Witteloostuijn

Geert (we call him Jack) is the General Manager of Inova Education, based in Mexico City. Working with people and building bridges is what he likes best. Inova Education allows him to help students from Latin America to achieve their goal of studying in the UK and the Netherlands. He’s fond of music, travelling, watching movies and any kind of sports.

Deborah Cedeño

Deborah is a Senior International Study Advisor at Inova Education, with over 6 years of experience in UK Higher Education. Certified by the British Council she is an authorised student counsellor for the United Kingdom. Having studied abroad herself, she enjoys travelling, meeting new people, cultures and learning from different ways of thinking.

Ece Zenginer

Ece joined Inova as an independent consultant in September 2021 assising the Inova Education team in LATAM. Her academic and professional background is in law. She is passionate about human rights studies. She aims to provide the best assistance and support to help students with education opportunities abroad. Ece is a big fan of dancing, traveling, and coffee.

Carlo Vidal Miranda

Carlo is the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for Inova and works as an independent consultant, based in Lima, Peru. He is a graduate from The University of Sheffield. Carlo loves travelling and playing sports, especially football. Having lived and studied in the UK and in Austria, he is passionate about spreading awareness of European education throughout Latin America and really embraces what being Latin American is about.

Fabiola Delfín

Fabiola is one of Inova Education’s International Study Advisors based in our Mexico City office. She has lived in Mexico, the United States and in New Zealand. Fabiola previously worked in Civil Society Organizations, and an Embassy, among others. She enjoys learning about other cultures and people, is passionate about human rights, and believes that student mobility not only develops personal and professional growth, but also helps connect countries and cultures.

Salma Sánchez

Salma is one of Inova Education’s International Study Advisors, based in Mexico City. Having studied International Relations she found her passion for sharing knowledge and creating open channels of communication. Having had the opportunity herself to study abroad, her perspective shifted which gave her the encouragement to share with others the amazing possibilities you can create by just getting out of your comfort zone.

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