Using art-based Feedback tools during Covid-19

8 June 2020     By Babett Csokán


Feedback in the workplace and in education is very important in order to improve outcomes and increase productivity. During homeschooling or home office it can be difficult to think of ways to provide feedback which is creative given that so much  has now been transferred online!

Don’t fret! Here you can find ideas on how to provide art-based feedback even if you are not able to see the recipient of feedback in person. As part of the Feedback project, co-funded by the European Commission, we have developed many tools to help you become inspired to give feedback more creatively and positively. 

The art of giving feedback can have different styles. The styles can differ in:

  • The form (written or oral)
  • The tone (formal or informal)
  • The channel (live or digital)
  • The media (video, text, image…)


We need to adapt the style to the context of the working or educational environment, and consider the means we have available to give effective feedback. 

In the context of Covid-19, it may be beneficial to give feedback which is written, informal, digital and in images. For example, we could use the ‘Feelings in my heart’ tool. This tool can be used for individuals to reflect on their feelings about a particular concept, situation or piece of work. 

All you need is this image and a computer programme to add colours and text on the document (e.g. Paint).

For example, if you are an employer who would like your employees to reflect on how they have been feeling about the general organisation of working during the pandemic, you can email this image to your employees and state the following instructions:

  1. Please find the image and open it up in an image editing software (e.g. Paint, Adobe Ilustrator…).
  2. Reflecting on the organisation of the transition to home office, use certain colours to paint the heart.
  3. Use the ‘Key’ to identify specific colours. For example, blue for disappointment or green for satisfaction.
  4. Use a varying amount of colour depending on the intensity of the feeling.
  5. We will then reflect and discuss this further in our one-on-one meeting.

This is a very effective tool to find out more about what employees are finding useful and what needs to be improved. 

You can find our other tools here: They are very easy to use and adaptable to online settings in education, work or even family life. 

This article was written as part of the Feedback project by Inova Consultancy.

by Babett Csokán

International Project Manager

Babett is an International Project Manager at Inova working on projects related to employability and entrepreneurship. Her academic and professional background is in human rights, a topic she is passionate about.

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