Mentoring in Action – Women and Girls in STEM Programme Update

9 August 2022     By Babett Csokán

In the past 8 months the Inova team have been busy implementing the Mentoring in Action – Women and Girls in STEM programme funded by the British Council. This exciting initiative was launched on 30th November 2021 and since then 120 female scientists in Mexico and 70 male and female scientists in Peru have been trained to become mentors. They participated in live Zoom sessions to explore the benefits of mentoring, learn about SMART goals and discover the GROW model. A total of 18 live sessions took place over the last 8 months. Participants completed an e-learning course (MOOC) as well where they could find additional multimedia resources related to mentoring and coaching models.

In the second phase of the programme, the 60 newly trained Mexican mentors were allocated to a total of 180 mentees and they started their mentoring journeys in April. This second part of the programme was an invaluable opportunity for new mentors to practice their knowledge and help female scientists who are currently at the beginning of their careers to navigate in a male dominated environment.

The second generation of Mexican mentors are about to start their mentoring relationships and Inova cannot wait to see them in their new roles, as female mentors for women in STEM.

If you want to learn more about the programme and find out how participants evaluated this amazing initiative, watch this short testimonial video.

by Babett Csokán

International Project Manager

Babett is an International Project Manager at Inova working on projects related to employability and entrepreneurship. Her academic and professional background is in human rights, a topic she is passionate about.

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