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British Council – Mentoría en Acción: Mujeres y Niñas en STEM

22 December 2021    By Babett Csokán

  Existe una brecha de género en la ciencia: el 30% de los investigadores de todo el mundo son mujeres (World Economic Forum, 2020). Solo el 30% de los estudiantes seleccionan asignaturas relacionadas con STEM. La participación femenina es especialmente baja en las TIC (3%),…

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Calling all career advisors, employment advisors, support workers and volunteers!

22 November 2021    By Babett Csokán

  We are approaching the piloting phase for the Create Future Project. Are you interested in helping to create support models for participation in future work life? Our pilot sessions will explore NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), strength-based coaching and positive psychology when working with individuals who…

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1st SIMPLE newsletter

10 July 2020    By Babett Csokán

  Check out our first SIMPLE NEWSLETTER!  For more information on the project, visit the project's website here!

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Women Making Waves – 1st Newsletter

9 July 2020    By Babett Csokán

  Check out the first Women Making Waves newsletter Find out all about the project, its aims and all the partners involved!

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FemSTEM Coaching E-Brochure

6 July 2020    By Babett Csokán

  Check out the FemSTEM Coaching E-Brochure with all the main details about the project!  

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Our first FENCE Newsletter has arrived!

6 July 2020    By Babett Csokán

  Check out the first newsletter for the FENCE project, helping to tackle gender bias.

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The first Happiness@Work newsletter has arrived!

9 June 2020    By Babett Csokán

  Check out our first Happiness@Work newsletter here to find out all about the project, its aims and the partnership involved in this Erasmus+ project!

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Using art-based Feedback tools during Covid-19

8 June 2020    By Babett Csokán

    Feedback in the workplace and in education is very important in order to improve outcomes and increase productivity. During homeschooling or home office it can be difficult to think of ways to provide feedback which is creative given that so much  has now…

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Our first FemSTEM Coaching Newsletter has arrived!

2 June 2020    By Babett Csokán

  Check out our first FemSTEM Coaching Newsletter to see what the partnership has been up to over the last 6 months! Don't forget to like us on Facebook to keep updated about the project and other relevant resources which may be of interest to…

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Engagement, Nature and Happiness

1 June 2020    By Babett Csokán

    The benefits of nature are well documented, whether it is the physical benefits of engaging with natural environments, such as reduced stress, lower blood pressure or  lower heart rate, or the benefits of improved mental health. During COVID-19, one of the only things…

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Babett Csokán

International Project Manager

Babett is an International Project Manager at Inova working on projects related to employability and entrepreneurship. Her academic and professional background is in human rights, a topic she is passionate about.

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