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Inclusive+ Final Press Release

3 December 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  As the Inclusive+ project comes to an end, we have created a final press release to tell you all about the outcomes of the project and where to find these developed resources. Check it out here!

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2nd FENCE Newsletter has arrived!

19 November 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Check out the second FENCE newsletter here!  Within this newsletter you will find out about the FENCE Review Paper and the partnership's ongoing activities to bring you exciting and informative training and resources!

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Women Making Waves – 2nd Newsletter

2 November 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Don't miss the second newsletter from the Women Making Waves project! Click here to read it now!

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FENCE – The Review Paper

2 November 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Check out the FENCE project's Review Paper, presenting an analysis of the existing training in relation to promoting the fight against gender bias, and the gaps which still reside in the different partner countries involved in this project.

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Podcast – Women Making Waves

16 October 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Check out our new podcast here to find out more about the Women Making Waves project, how it is progressing, views from the partnership and what's to come!

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3rd Reboot Newsletter!

7 October 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Check out the 3rd newsletter for the Reboot project and read all about the Reboot training, which took place in the UK, Finland, Belgium and Greece.

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DigitFIT – first newsletter has arrived!

22 September 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Read all about the DigitFIT project, the partners involved and how you can stay updated about all the project progress and upcoming 2021 training! Check out the newsletter here!

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The History of Feedback – The Untold Story

18 September 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Check out Inova's latest article on the history of feedback, developed as part of the FEEDBACK project! Read the article here!

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The Women Making Waves Competence Framework is out!

25 August 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  During the first stage of the Women Making Waves project, the partnership worked together to research the skills that double disadvantaged women need to increase their leadership skills and pursue leadership positions. This research was carried out through country analysis, interviews and focus groups…

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Reboot: Self-Efficacy and Motivation

20 July 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Check out Inova's article on self-efficacy and motivation as part of the Reboot project!

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