Youth Employment Initiative

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Youth Initiatives for Employment is a project that shares experiences and good practices between European organisations that have developed their own initiatives, projects, tools or methods to improve the employability of young people.

This exchange is a way to support improvement within this field amongst partner countries. Therefore, this project aims to expand successful experiences regarding the promotion of employment for young Europeans. From this work, partner organisations can implement the corresponding adaptations into their field of work. Sharing experiences and good practices indirectly promotes the development of new skills and competencies among those responsible for the development of actions to promote employment for young Europeans, by observing the actions of their European partners.

Consortium partners: INJUVE, Spain; Inova, UK; CREMONA, Italy; LOGO, Austria; University of Thessaly, Greece; and Gemeente ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Funded by:

Inova Education and Training