Coaching for Success

Inova offers high-quality coaching services to help individuals going through periods of change in their lives, whether it be personal or professional. We can support you with improving your well-being, support with CVs and employment skills or help with your first steps on the road to self-employment and business ownership.

Our team has 3 qualified coaches with over 50 years of combined experience, read more about them here.

Coaches at Inova use a combination of techniques and tools, drawing from a solution-focused and strength-based approach within coaching to build an individual’s confidence level so that they can start to make positive changes in their lives. We can help you work towards developing a new career, return to work after a break, or start up a business.

Coaching as an intervention is a well-documented approach which builds on the inner resourcefulness and self-directedness of the individual. Coaching involves asking questions which help unearth motivations, needs and goals, thereby enabling individuals to plan and solve problems and maximise opportunities effectively. The locus of control is firmly with the learner and the coach asks questions, probes, assists, and supports them to take purposeful action.

One to One Coaching:

If you haven’t accessed coaching with us before, take advantage of our special introductory offer for all new coachees! The first session is just £40.00 plus VAT for an hour, followed by a second session at the rate of £70.00 plus VAT.

Inova Circles™:

We also run regular group coaching programmes, both from within Inova itself, or as part of a funded programme. These are based on Inova’s Circles methodology which draws on coaching, mentoring and action learning techniques to help you reach your goals with the support of an experienced facilitator and a small group of peers. 

To find out more about our Circles, visit

The Matca Way and Mindfulness Programmes:

We run regular sessions and workshops which can help you improve your wellbeing through a mix of relaxation, mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques. Some testimonials from our participants include:

“One of the most important things I accomplished while in the Mindfulness Circle was that I managed to be here and now during the day and consciously meditate and relax before going to sleep. This helped a lot to avoid stress and anxiety.”

“I am driven by my circumstances and routine drags me around. I surely need to invest on my mental health so the future me would thank me. Matca is a must for me.”
“I have not used this method of mindfulness before but I felt relaxed and centred afterwards.”

“I have not used this method of mindfulness before but I felt relaxed and centred afterwards.”


We run many workshops and events throughout the year! Visit our Events page for all upcoming opportunities or head over to our Eventbrite page to see what’s on offer: 

To request further information on our coaching services or to book a coaching session today, please contact us.

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